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How to get enroll as Organic Farmer under MOMA?

Registration of organic farmers under MOVCDNER scheme is open only when a new phase begins implementation. The basic parameters for eligibility as farmers of Manipur Organic Mission Agency under MOVCDNER:

  1. Farmer should possess Aadhaar Card and Bank Account. In case of farmer who does not have an account, a new account shall be opened.
  2. Only one farmer from each household can apply for the scheme.
  3. The field should be easily accessible.
  4. Intended beneficiaries/farmers should form a cluster/group known as Farmer Interest Groups (FIG).
  5. Each Cluster should consist of 25 farmers and each farmer should offer 1ha of area.
  6. The farm sites of individual farmer of the FIG or Cluster should essentially be located at close proximity to one another.
  7. The cluster should grow only the enlisted crops identified for the district or region as per approval by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare, GOI.
  8. The GPS coordinate field/sites shall remain unchanged.
  9. Shifting Cultivation/Jhum practices in organic fields are restricted.
  10. Chemical fertilizer, weedicides, insecticides are completely ban from using.
  11. The farmers selected as organic farmers should abide by basic norms and standards prescribed by NPOP.
  12. The farmers will be continually monitored by the MOMA through respective service providers selected for each district.
  13. The FIG leader should be active and consistently in touch with their respective service provider.

Any interested farmers who are willing to abide by the above points shall only be applied as beneficiary under Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA).

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