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King Chili (U-Morok)

King Chili (U-Morok) is a crop which has been cultivated in Manipur since time immemorial. King Chilli also known as ghost pepper, ghost chilli, naga jolokia and bhoot jolokia is among one of the hottest chilli in the world. The Scoville Heat Unit (SHUs) is reported to be 20,41,427. It is consumed in fresh or dried form and used for its distinct flavour and aroma in the various culinary preparations.
Due to its distinct taste and pungency people of North East India commonly use this chilli for making pickles and adding hotness to non-vegetarian food stuffs. In recent years this crop is gaining importance because its high content of capsaicin (3-5%) as compared to any other Indian chilli.
King Chilli is used as spice, food, medicine. It can be used as relief for asthma patients at low quantities. Regular consumption in small quantities has been known to treat gastro-intestinal abnormalities.
Capsaicin, the active principle which accounts for the pharmaceutical properties of chillies is useful as a counter-irritant, anti-arthritic, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agent. Capsaicin has also received increased attention for its anti-obesity effect.

Nutritional Value per 100g

Energy: 24.44 KJ
Carbohydrate:: 2.36 g
Protein:: 1.59 g
Total dietary fiber: 4.83 g


Iron : 1.98 mg
Zinc:: 0.151 mg
Phosphorous: 40.08 mg
Copper: 0.19 mg
Manganese: 0.19 mg
Calcium: 8.79 mg
Magnesium: 17.59 mg
Capsaicin: 0.46 g
Dihydro-capsaicin: 0.09 g
Total Capsaicinoid: 0.55 g

Uses and processing opportunities

There are several products which can be prepared from King Chilli. Some of them are whole dried form, ground or powdered form, crushed, paste, sauce, chutney, oleoresin, essential oil, pickles, in oil or brine, as ingredient in pepper spray, etc.
The crop can be used for extraction of capsaicin which can be used in pharmaceutical industries and other allied industries. Capsaicin is being used for preparation of medicinal compound for pain killers for minor muscle aches, joint arthritis, backaches, bruises and sprains. It can also be used as animal and insect repellent, specially, ants and cockroaches. The crop has also been considered as bio-weapon.

Status of Organic Certification

600 ha. of area under King Chili has been fully certified under standards laid down and administered in India by APEDA i.e. National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) under MOVCDNER Phase-I and another 500 ha of area has obtained 1st year scope certificate under MOVCDNER Phase – II.

Variety grown and availability in Manipur

The local varieties grown are highly pungent with a unique flavour and aroma and are used in hot sauces. The chilli will be available from June to November.

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