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Mission Objective

  1. To develop crop commodity specific organic value chain and address gaps in organic crop production, wild crop harvesting, organic livestock management and processing handling and marketing of organic agricultural products through:
    • Developing crop specific organic production clusters with necessary infrastructural, technical and financial support
    • By facilitating partnerships between farmers and organic businesses: Local enterprises and / or Farmer Producer Companies based on back-to-back long-term trade relations with clients in domestic and export markets.
    • By providing enabling environment for project initiatives and development programs with necessary support for organic value chain development and create market access
  2. To empower producers with program ownership by organizing them into FIGs with the final aim to federate into farmer producer organizations/ companies
  3. To replace conventional farming/subsistence farming system into local resource based, self sustainable, high value commercial organic enterprise
  4. Developing commodity specific commercial organic value chain under integrated and concentrated approach with end-to-end facilities for production, processing, storage and marketing
  5. Development of organic parks/zones with facilities for collection, aggregation, value addition, processing, storage and market-linkages for specific commodities requiring capital intensive technology
  6. Develop Manipur products as brands/labels through brand building and facilitating stronger marketing access under the ownership of growers’ organizations/ companies
  7. Coordinating, monitoring, supporting and financing the development and operation of entire value chain


  1. To install dedicated institutional systems at Manipur for development and promotion of organic farming
  2. To create end-to-end organic value chain models by the integration of growers, handlers, processors and market facilitation agencies.
  3. To empower approximately 5000 (five thousand) farmers of Manipur through the creation of 10 farmer producer companies and equip such companies with full value chain under its ownership.
  4. To convert subsistence farming to commercial organic farming with end-to-end facilities
  5. To make Manipur a major suppliers of organic commodities for national and international markets.
  6. To improve production system to ensure higher productivity with better profitability.
  7. To enable states to evolve an own brand.
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